Our firm predominantly operates within the area of importing cars from the USA and repairing damaged vehicles. Our employees specialize in damaged cars import and that is why we are also able to offer you vehicle repair-related services that will be performed by means of utilization of professional tools. Basing on our experience in the field, we know that there is no such a thing as an impossible to realize order.

You may also count on our help while choosing and purchasing a damaged car or a used vehicle to be purchased on one of car auctions and imported from the USA right to you.

Our company has been operating in the car importing branch of industry since 2008. We mainly import cars from the USA. The seat of the company is located in (Pomerania Province).

Our team of experts mainly deals with purchasing and importing to Poland the following on the customer’s demand: cars, motorcycles, boats, ski jets, etc. We have been collaborating with the biggest auction houses, such as: Copart, IAA, Ebay.

While choosing the services provided by our company, you have a full guarantee that we will help you with choosing a proper car, support you with the problematic issues, as well as handle all the formalities that are connected with the purchase and transportation of a car to Poland.