The most typical damages identifiable in cars sold on American auction are those caused by minor fender-benders. In such a case, the vehicle mainly needs bodywork condition improvement and a new paintjob. Only then can the automobile regain its unique, original color that is also compliant with the provided specification.

While purchasing a damaged car, our team – basing on the report issued by an expert – creates an index of parts that are required for the repair. If some of them are cheaper in the USA, they are immediately ordered and shipped to Poland together with the car. Thanks to that, the car carriage transported to the country incorporates both the vehicle and the components needed for fixing. The customer is then relieved of the necessity to cover transportation costs of the parts which are unavailable in Europe or – if they are accessible – ludicrously expensive. Thanks to such an approach, we can lower the total repair costs. We are the only company in Poland offering such a service to our clients.

After the completion of repairs and the replacement of all the necessary parts, the car regains its original color and shows no signs of prior damages.

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